“Forfeiture is easy to use and has cut down on the time required for year-end reporting by at least 40%. It has helped us out greatly!” — Taylor Police Department, Taylor, Michigan “I have used your products for 10 years and love them. Your products, most recently ITS is a TIME SAVER! ITS has helped me perform my job efficiently and gather statistics in a timely manner. I could not imagine my job without the Investigative Tracking System and your help. Thank you!” — JNET-Michigan State Police “The Investigative Tracking System has incorporated the needs of the Michigan State Police Criminal Investigation Division into an administrative management and reporting system that allows us to meet federal grant reporting requirements as well as identifies drug trends in Southeastern Michigan and across the state. The Investigative Tracking System reports are used for our multi-jurisdictional task forces in the state, which enables concept boards to be apprised of current activities, stats, and forfeiture accounts.” — Captain Annemarie H. Gibson, Michigan State Police, Criminal Investigation Division. Endorsed by Michigan State Police as a reliable solution for tracking drug activity for High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) and Byrne/Jag Grants. — Michigan State Police Having used the Investigative Tracking System for over two years with outstanding success, it has brought the focus of data information to the forefront instead of making the focus on how to gather the information. The Investigative Tracking System has decreased the overall work load of data gathering by 65%, which allows for more productively in my day to day workload. With the changing demands of the Office of Drug Control Policy (ODCP) and HIDTA grants, LAWNET has been able to work closely with Ship-to-Shore Computing, Inc. to create reports to capture specific and pertinent information needs to complete required reports.” — LAWNET-Michigan State Police Investigative Tracking System has saved me countless hours in gathering the data needed for the submission of quarterly and year-end grant reports. My 34 year tenure with the Michigan State Police before my retirement, exposed me to several different programs - ITS was definitely one of the best...anytime I've had a question the customer service responds quickly. — Joan-MSP West Branch MI The Investigative Tracking System has significantly improved the efficiency of grant statistics processing at Western Wayne Narcotics. We’re not running from book to spreadsheet to chart to database to find necessary information….now it can be found with a click of a mouse. — Western Wayne Narcotics Unit The Investigative Tracking System is an extremely valuable tool in our effort to track multiple variables for the BYRNE Grant applications, quarterly reports, forfeitures, newsletter information, and drug organization tracking. The potential of this system to grow with the ever changing needs of drug enforcement agencies is great. The customer service has been impeccable.” — OMNI 3, Michigan State Police